Lightroom 5 Beta 1 is available

It’s not much over a year since Lightroom 4 was released, but there’s already a beta version of Lightroom 5 for us all to play with.

New features, which I’ll need to do some playing with, include a new healing brush, so we’re no longer restricted to cloning out circular spots, and an automagic straightening thing that claims to deal with those wonky horizons and converging verticals. The former was always easy enough to do with the ruler in the crop section, but the latter wasn’t so well served. Tests will have to be done…

As always with beta software, use at your own risk. Work on copies of your files. Back things up. May crash and burn, drink all your booze and kick the cat, even if you don’t have one. These things are unlikely, but I do think it’s a good idea to be prepared for the worst.

Get the details and the download link from the Adobe Lightroom Journal.

Scott Kelby has a video highlighting the 7 Hottest Features – I didn’t know about the press F for fullscreen image until I saw that!

And there’s loads more at the Photoshop User Lightroom 5 Launch Center.

The beta is free, but will stop working when the real version is released, probably in about two months.