Geotagging re-re-re-revisited

I think that’s more or less the right count. Last time I mentioned geotagging was when I’d started playing with the Canon GP-E2 GPS Receiver. Now that works very nicely, does what it says on the tin, and is generally quite accurate. The only problem is that it’ll only do its automagic stuff when connected to the Canon 5D Mark III. I could use it as a tracker when I’m using the Fujifilm X100S, but that would be one more thing to carry, which sort of defeats the object of having a smaller camera. The same goes for my Garmin eTrex, really. That does a good job, but I’d have to remember to take it with me, never mind remembering to turn it on.

Now there are several iPhone apps that are intended to help with this sort of thing. I’ve tried a few, but they’ve always been a bit faffy, really. You either had to jump through arbitrary hoops to transfer the data from the app, or do something weird involving QR codes and a separate desktop application, or click your heels and wish to go home, or something like that.

But a few days ago, I saw that one of the apps I’d previously tried and given up on, Geotag Photos Pro, had been updated. The new version automatically uploads the GPX files to your Dropbox account, which makes it very easy to import them into Lightroom, which can then tag your photographs. The app helpfully contains a time sync feature – go into settings and it’ll tell you the time your camera needs to be set to for accurate tagging.

I gave it a try at lunchtime, with mixed results. I think the main problem was that I’d set the update frequency to two minutes, which led to some very odd straight line jumps in the track which looked like this:

I can fly!

I can fly!

Apart from that, the tagging was mostly accurate – particularly when I was in one place for a while. I’ll give it another try, with more frequent logging, and see how well it works.

Geotag Photos Pro website

Using the new version with Lightroom

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