Doctor Who – The Crimson Horror

This was pretty much guaranteed to be a fun episode. For a start, it brought back Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax, who were a brilliant team in The Snowmen, and as if that wasn’t enough, it was written by Mark Gatiss, who quite apart from working with Steven Moffat on the quite excellent Sherlock, has previously written some nifty Doctor Who episodes, such as The Idiot’s Lantern, Victory of the Daleks and the recent Cold War.

Vastra and her team are obliged to rescue the Doctor and Clara from the clutches of the deliciously bonkers Mrs Gillyflower and her unseen for most of the story partner, Mr Sweet. And when you do see Mr Sweet, you’ll more than likely wished you hadn’t.

There is, of course, an Evil Plot to destroy the world, or at least a substantial part of it, which involves some nasty red goo and a beautiful steampunk rocket. In fact, there’s quite a lot of insane steampunk toys on show, including an organ with more fun toys behind it.

There was one lovely moment of silliness that I have to mention. Strax is driving Vastra’s carriage and has got lost. Naturally, he blames the horse, and is just about to shoot it (fourth one this week…), when an urchin boy[1] appears and gives him directions that will sound oddly familiar

Turn around when possible….     …you have reached your destination

When Strax takes the boy with him, he learns that his name is Thomas Thomas. Well, it would be, wouldn’t it?

Much fun is had by all, we learn that you don’t need a sonic screwdriver if there’s a chair handy, and Vastra and Jenny are very confused about Clara.

Clara finds herself in a slight bit of bother when she gets home. The kids she’s minding have, for reasons not yet made clear, found some interesting pictures of her online, and have worked out that she’s been travelling in time. The price of their silence is a trip. Which should be happening next week, and may involve some Cybermen.

[1] That’s what it says in the credits