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This will be a shorter post than usual for an entry in the Great Terry Pratchett Re-read-athon, because it’s a shorter than usual book in the series. Eric, or Faust Eric as the original edition had it, is more of a novelette than a novel. It made up for this by originally being published as a large format book with loads of Josh Kirby’s lovely illustrations. There is a picture-free version, but I’d suggest going for the illustrated one, as it’s even more fun than the usual one.

Eric is nearly fourteen and is a demonologist. He’s pretty much a parallel of the stereotypical computer hacker, and I suppose summoning demons is pretty much the equivalent of making computers do what they’re told. Well, it’s probably easier, if a little more dangerous.

Anyway, Eric does all the necessary bits and bobs to summon up a demon, which will grant his wishes, though probably at a terrible price, etc, etc. But something goes a wee bit wrong, and instead of something with altogether too many limbs, tentacles and other appendages, he gets a somewhat tatty wizard. Yes, Rincewind, who was last seen disappearing into somewhere at the end of Sourcery, is back. And of course, where Rincewind goes, the Luggage can’t be far behind.

Fun follows as Rincewind finds himself oddly able to sort of grant Eric’s wishes, but not in any useful way, you understand. There’s a bit with some Aztec-style people whose god Quezovercoatl runs into a little trouble. There’s the Trojan war bit. And more.

It’s even got a parrot with a terrible wossname. You know, thing with words in. It’s at the tip of my wossname. (And yes, that probably is where I got wossname from).

It’s a quick, fun read, and fully deserves its place in the series. And it’s so nice to have Rincewind back.

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