Getting back into 500px

It may seem a little odd, after mentioning the Flickr changes this morning, but that little matter of the price rise did make me mutter a bit. Then I saw a tweet from 500px:

This reminded me that I’d been meaning to add more to my 500px account, but had never found the tuits. It turns out that Pi.Pe is a magic service for doing automagic bulk transfers of images between a huge range of social networking services, including Flickr, 500px, Facebook, Instagram, SmugMug, and many more. It took a couple of minutes to set up a link to copy all my Flickr images to 500px, and they started appearing almost immediately. And soon after that, I started getting the notifications: comments, votes, favourites. As more pictures moved across during the course of the day, more and more notifications came in.

It’ll take me a while to look through them all, and see who’s been looking at my photographs – some of the comments are definitely genuinely interested ones, some are maybe more of the trying to get attention kind (no harm in that, I’ll have a look at the work of everyone who’s commented or voted), but either way it’s the most attention my photos have generated in quite a while.

I’ll need to do some thinning out on 500px – because Pi.Pe imported using sets, there’s some duplication, and there are some images which don’t belong there – screen shots, webcam pictures and some record shots that are of no interest to anyone – but that can wait.