Terry Pratchett – Witches Abroad

Moving along with the Great Terry Pratchett Re-Read-Athon, and this time we’re back with the witches, last seen in Wyrd Sisters. Desiderata Hollow, another witch of the Ramtops, dies, leaving a wand and some instructions to Magrat Garlick. The instructions relate to her taking up her role as Fairy Godmother, and to make sure that she doesn’t get Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg involved, because that’s obviously the best way to make sure they join in the fun.

And so the three witches head for Genua, having numerous adventures on the way, including having to deal with the Big Bad Wolf. Once they get there, they encounter some different forms of magic, and run into the power of Story, as influenced by someone Granny really didn’t want to have to deal with…

As always, there are loads of jokes, fun with words, and much to enjoy in the bickering of the witches.

In the dim light she could see Granny’s face which seemed to be suggesting that if Magrat was at her wits’ end, it was a short stroll.

And, err, Gollum seems to have popped over to the Discworld

Two pale glows appeared at the edge of the lamplight. Eventually they turned out to be the eyes of a small grey creature, vaguely froglike, paddling towards them on a log.
It reached the boat. Long clammy fingers grabbed the side, and a lugubrious face rose level with Nanny Ogg’s.
“‘ullo,” it said. “It’sss my birthday.”
All three of them stared at it for a while. Then Granny Weatherwax picked up an oar and hit it firmly over the head. There was a splash, and a distant cursing.

In Genua, the last night of Carnivale, the night halfway between the living and the dead is, err, Samedi Nuit Morte.[1]

And of course, there’s Casanunda. He’s the Disc’s second greatest lover (he tries harder), and a Dwarf. He’s also in the Palace Guard, which is a bit odd, as they’re generally over six feet in height.

“I lied about my height, Mrs Ogg. I’m a world-famous liar”
“Is that true?”

And so on, and indeed so forth. Laughs are numerous, but there’s a serious story lurking behind them. And that’s something we’ll be seeing a lot more of…

[1] Which would seem to translate as Saturday Night Dead.  :duh:

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