May 2013 Round-up

Somehow, another month has come creaking to a conclusion, which means it must be time for this:


May 1: 219.1 pounds (15 stone 9.1 pounds, 99.4 kg)
May 31: 218.3 pounds (15 stone 8.3 pounds, 99 kg)

That’s an almost negligible drop of 0.8 pounds (0.4kg). On the positive side, it’s not a rise, and I was a couple of pounds lighter a week or so ago. Mutter.


I’ve managed to shun the sausage rolls for another month, and mostly been moderately good.


There was a distinct lack of walking to work, but I did manage to get out for some decent weekend trips, which involved some good walks.


A bit quieter than last month, with this report bringing the total to an almost sane 52.


More photography needs to be done!