Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who

It’s been revealed that Matt Smith will be leaving Doctor Who in the 2013 Christmas Special. This is a bit of a surprise to me, as the last I’d heard was that he was signed up for the next series in 2014, but that was either premature or good old-fashioned misinformation.

I’ll be sad to see him go – I’ve enjoyed the particular brand of lunacy he brought to the role. He’s been a quite wonderful madman in a box, and did an incredible job of filling the shoes left vacant by David Tenant.

I’d have liked him to stay for at least another year, but all Doctors must come to an end sooner or later.

Particularly obsessive old-school fans will no doubt be concerned that according to moderately well-established continuity, a Time Lord is allowed no more than twelve regenerations. Personally, I’m not at all bothered about that, as I can think of several easy ways out of that. Steven Moffat, or whoever succeeds him as showrunner in due course, can no doubt come up with something better. For the record, my thoughts are:

  1. The whole 12 regenerations thing was a legal rather than physical limit enforced by the High Council of the Time Lords. As they’re not around any more, due to being locked up in a time loop, there is no limit to the Doctor’s regnerations
  2. During the TIme War, various things happened which led to the Doctor having more regenerations available.
  3. When River Song revived the Doctor, surrendering all her regeneration energy, his count was reset, giving him another twelve regenerations from that point

And I’ll make a prediction: we’ll probably hear that Mr Steven Moffat Sir will be passing on the role of head writer sooner rather than later. He’s already hinted that he’s closer to the end than the beginning of the job.

There will no doubt be endless speculation about who’s going to be the Twelfth Doctor, and who will subsequently replace Steven Moffat. I really can’t be bothered with that game – Matt’s casting came as a surprise, and turned out to be an inspired choice. Let’s hope the next Doctor is at least as good a choice. And the same goes for the showrunner job.

BBC News – Matt Smith to leave Doctor Who at the end of year.