Ian McNabb – Eclectic Warrior

Eclectic Warrior

Eclectic Warrior

I mentioned a while ago that Ian McNabb had done a crowdfunding project to create his next album. Well, the project raised the required funds and the album was recorded. I got the digital version quite some time ago, and my actual round shiny things arrived a few weeks later. I opted for the slightly more expensive choice of getting the CD plus a second disc of demos, on the grounds that (a) you can’t ever get enough Ian McNabb and (b) I’m quite happy to throw the odd £20 in his direction if that’ll let him keep making new albums.

Anyway, on to the music. This is Ian in rock mode, rather than the more thoughtful and tender mode he’s adopted on some albums. In fact, the overall feel of Eclectic Warrior (which is a lovely title, right up there with Kirsty McColl’s Electric Landlady) is very much like the excellent Head Like a Rock, which is a Good Thing as far as I’m concerned.

I’ll just mention a few tracks:

They Couldn’t Hear The Music is pretty much definitive McNabbery, with lovely guitar sounds and Ian telling a story as only he can.

Woman Killed By Falling Tree starts with some ominous sounds and Ian’s voice relating events taken from newspaper headlines. Oddly pleasing, or pleasantly odd. Or something.

Fast Approaching Land features lots of guitar work and only occasional vocal interludes, which works very nicely indeed.

Eclectic Warrior is available direct from Ian’s website: McNabbHQ.