It’s time to say goodbye

No, not to the site. Don’t be silly. I fully intend to keep posting my usual brand of nonsense for the next mumble years. But it is time to say goodbye to something that has contributed to the site. As I mentioned just over a week ago when I took the dramatic step of buying the Fujifilm X-E1, I’ve decided to switch over completely to the smaller and lighter, but quite remarkably good Fuji X series. And as the first step, well, the second after buying the X-E1, I’ve sold the Canon 5D Mark III. Previously, when I wanted to sell a camera, I’ve done the traditional thing[1] of putting it on eBay, but these days there are alternatives. There are a number of companies who will buy your kit, and as one of those is the excellent Wex Photographic, I thought I’d give them a try first. So, I filled in the form, and soon afterwards, I got an email with an offer.

It’s a lot less than I paid for the camera, but as I did do the moderately insane thing of buying a new high-end DSLR almost as soon as it was released, I was always going to lose a lot. On the other hand, it’s not hugely less than I could expect to get on eBay after paying the fees. Wex even arrange collection, which removes another bit of hassle.

The offer is conditional on them agreeing with my assessment of the camera’s condition – if they don’t agree, they can make me a different offer. If I decide not to accept that, they will return the camera to me at their expense, which is rather more customer friendly than some “buy your toys” companies.

The only catch, if you can call it that, is that they don’t pay actual money – what you get is credit to buy more stuff from them, but as I have a shopping list, that’s not a problem.  It’s due to be collected tomorrow, and I should have confirmation of the final offer a few days later.

Here’s the box:



For my next trick, I’ll be selling some lenses, but I’ll probably be sending them elsewhere, as I’d like to turn them into actual money. If I get this right, what I get for the Canon kit will cover all my Fuji requirements. Well, for now, anyway.

[1] For a moderately recent value of “traditional”

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