Doctor Who – Inferno (Special Edition)

Hmm, these enhanced versions seem to be catching up with themselves. When I saw this one was coming out, my brain told me that it wasn’t that long since the original release. Just a couple of years, it said. On checking, I found that my brain was mistaken. It was actually more like seven years ago, and I wrote a moderately long post on it at the time. Silly brain.

Rather than repeat myself, I’ll refer you to my comments on the original version:

Doctor Who – Inferno

This new version has been cleaned up a bit more, apparently, and adds a few new features:

  • Hadoke versus HAVOC – Toby Hadoke, general funny guy and Doctor Who fan, reunites the HAVOC stunt guys for reminiscences, laughs and making Toby jump from a great height. Nice.
  • Doctor Forever! Lost in the Dark Dimension Another in the series about how Doctor Who was kept alive during the time it wasn’t on TV. This looks at the various attempts to bring it back, and includes something a little odd, in which it’s alleged that some episodes might have been made. Not sure I believe it…

Nice enough bits, but if you already have the original release, this special edition is definitely optional.