A quick transformation

You might recall me mentioning on Monday that I’d arranged to trade in my Canon 5D Mark III. Well, the parcel was collected on Tuesday, and delivered to those nice WEX people on Wednesday. They’d suggested allowing up to five working days for it to be sorted out, but I actually got a call this afternoon. On inspecting the camera, they found a few minor marks, which resulted in a reduced offer. But as they’d only reduced the original offer by £70, I was happy to accept their judgement. And it was still less hassle than going through eBay.

An hour or so later, I got an email confirming I had a nice chunk of credit ready to be used for a purchase. And I’ve just used it to buy some nice things for my little Fujis. Details on those after they arrive on Tuesday.

I’d recommend using WEX’s trade in to anyone who wants to turn old kit into new kit – the process was quick, communication was friendly and helpful and did I mention I’m getting some nice lenses?