Picture Portfolio Ponderings

Regular readers[1] may recall me wittering on previously about finding the best internet home for my photographs.

Back in 2009, I was plotting to create a new site based on Lightroom galleries, but what with one thing and another, not to mention the tuit supplies, that never really got anywhere.

Last year, I got as far as pointing a domain name at 500px, but again there was an issue with tuits.

Later on, I got a bit excited about SmugMug, but after playing with that a bit further, I came to the conclusion that realistically, I’m never going to make full use of its commercial features, which would cost $300 for a year when renewal time came around.

And of course, there’s still Flickr, which now looks prettier but doesn’t seem any more appealing for some reason. But I did manage to do a bulk import of photos from Flickr into 500px, and today I found the tuits to sort them out a bit – deleting ones that don’t really belong on a proper photo site, sorting some into sets, and picking a new portfolio theme.

And that led me to get on and make a decision. I’ve closed the SmugMug site (actually finding the tuits nicely before they’d be taking more money off me) and pointed the Les Bessant Photography domain at 500px instead. The old LCB domain which was pointing at 500px is now a holding page with links to my various bits and pieces.[2]

So, the Cunning Plan[3] is to concentrate on putting my best photographs on 500px (as well as here, of course), and mostly ignore Flickr. Probably. Thanks to various discount offers, my 500px account is paid up to 2015, and I might as well get my money’s worth.

If all that was too much to read, the quick summary is that my portfolio site is still Les Bessant Photography, but it’s now on 500px.

[1] And other mythical beings
[2] And if that’s not what you’re seeing, your DNS hasn’t updated yet
[3] For now. Until some new shiny thing distracts me, of course

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