Another transformation!

Having successfully converted my Canon 5D Mark III into some new toys[1], the next step was converting my now unwanted Canon-fit lenses into money. I had been contemplating putting them all on eBay, but then I found an advert for MPB Photographic. They buy and sell used camera kit, and after checking them out a bit, I decided to see what they could do for me.

I started with the lenses for which I still had boxes and sent them a list through the form on their website. As a check, I looked on eBay to see what similar lenses have been selling for, and came up with an approximate total. The following morning, I got an offer from MPB, which was about 10% below my eBay estimate. Now given that selling on eBay involves assorted fees, paying postage charges and potential hassle, I was more than happy with that.

So, last Thursday, a box was collected by a courier. It reached MPB on Friday afternoon, so I wasn’t expecting to hear much for a couple of days at least. But yesterday, I got an email confirming that my lenses had been received and checked, and they’d drop the agreed sum into my bank in the next three days. Well, that actually happened today, which was quicker than I’d expected.

All communication was by email, and was polite and helpful throughout the process. So if you’re in the UK and wanting to sell your unwanted camera kit, have a look at MPB Photographic – it’s a lot easier than eBay!

[1] Which arrived today, further information when I’ve had a chance to play with them

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