Crazy Photography – Diane Routex

This was a more or less random purchase on a recent visit to Waterstones[1]. It’s been translated from the original French, but I’m not sure who’s responsible for the title, which is frankly awful. It’s part of a series, which also includes “Crazy Art” and “Crazy Ideas”, but don’t let that put you off.

What this includes is samples of the work of some very creative, and very original photographers. Some work is clearly created in software, such as Levi van Veluw‘s portraits, where textures are overlaid on human forms. Others are intricately set up real-world shots, like Michael Paul Smith‘s painstaking recreations of 1950s America.

Some of the work shown here will be familiar to most readers, having been reposted on numerous websites (often without proper attribution, grrrrrr), such as Liu Bolin‘s hidden human work, or Erik Johansson‘s wonderful surreal creations. But there was more than enough that was new to me to make this a worthwhile purchase. Each photographer is represented by at least one image, a brief introduction and a URL to encourage the reader to look for more images.

Very little of the content is what I would call “crazy”. Much is strange, or even extreme, but in a good way. Well worth your time and money to investigate this collection.

[1] While most books can generally be bought cheaper online, I like to buy things in actual shops some of the time, as I’d like them to still be there in the future.