Doctor Who – 50th Anniversary Mutterings

As I suspected would happen, we’re being gradually drip-fed information about the November 50th Anniversary Special.

We’ve known for a while that David Tenant will be back as the Tenth Doctor (the only problem with that is getting him to stop being the Doctor again), Billie Piper will be back as Rose Tyler, and the Zygons will be back for the first time since the Fourth Doctor had fun with them and their Loch Ness Monster shenanigans in 1975. I thought at the time that the Zygons, while a firm fan favourite, and with potential to be lots of fun, seemed a bit low-key for such a special episode, and perhaps more would be revealed later…

Then came the Evil Moffat Twist in The Name of the Doctor. Now we’d all been nicely led to think that somehow the revelation of the Doctor’s real name would be a major issue, but of course we were cunningly misled in the standard Moffat manner (and this is a Good Thing, of course). We briefly encountered a previously unknown incarnation of the Doctor, who apparently did something so drastic, albeit without having any particular choice in the matter, that his actions could not be seen as having been done in the name of the Doctor. (Nice twist, that)

The obvious speculation is that this, not the Eighth (Paul McGann) or Ninth (Christopher Eccleston) Doctor was the one from the Time War, who locked Gallifrey off in its time loop and nearly destroyed all the Daleks. Now knowing Steven Moffat, I was quite prepared to believe that this was too obvious, and that he’d turn out to be something else altogether.

But it’s been revealed that the Daleks will be back for the special.  :bouncy: And some rather interesting images have been released, showing bronze Daleks (none of the glossy New Paradigm versions in sight) moving through a burning interior location. Looking at the background, there are what look like they might be Gallifreyan symbols.

So, are we going to be treated to the Time War? Or does Mr Moffat have something else up his sleeve?

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