Weight and Stuff Report – 26 August 2013

Hmm, down a wee bit more today. Can this go on?

Today being a bank holiday, I was expecting more of the dull greyness that persuaded me to not bother going out yesterday. But in a quite shocking development, it turned out to be a warm and sunny day. In another shocking development, all I did was have a wander in Newcastle, followed by a wander round the MetroCentre, and a final Newcastle wander before coming home. The wandering involved getting a new iPhone/iPod headset, as my previous one decided to stop working properly yesterday. I also had a look at a few printers, but didn’t actually get one.[1]



Today’s photo is, in yet another shocking development[2], not taken by me. This is my brother Geoff (with the beard) and me (could do with a beard to hide the chins) at Chester Zoo. Official photo thingy with added tigers. There were copies with other animals, but obviously I went with the nice pussycats.

[1] Have to be careful with printers. Evil things.
[2] Is that enough shocking developments for one post?