Daily Archives: Friday, 6th Sep 2013

Weight and Stuff Report – 6 September 2013

Up again, and errrr, ewwwwww.

I was supposed to be going to Manchester this afternoon for a fun weekend working there. But instead, I came home at around lunchtime, and pretty much collapsed into my chair and stayed there.

I don’t know what it is (probably some random viral thingy), but I’m finding it hard to move around. Just walking up and down the office was making me exhausted. Colleagues helpfully pointed out that I didn’t look well, and I had to agree. I was worried that I might fall over in a train station if I attempted the trip, and (this is the odd bit) could feel my brain wasn’t working at full capacity, which is not a good thing if you’re planning to work on servers). So, trip postponed, me at home.