Weight and Stuff Report – 23 September 2013

Up a bit after my London weekend. Must be the hotel breakfasts…

I was planning to have a nice leisurely breakfast before heading to the office in time for the electrician to have sorted out the sockets that weren’t behaving. Hah! Overnight, with nobody there to touch anything, the power tripped out again, causing me to get loads of emails on the company phone[1] from our ISP asking us to check the site.

So, I had a rather smaller and less leisurely breakfast and headed off to the office a bit earlier. Which was a pointless action, as the electrician who was due to be there at 8am hadn’t turned up. It was well over an hour later that he arrived, did some stuff and made it possible for me to turn the toys back on, and get everyone working.

On the brighter side, the copier/printer that I wasn’t expecting to arrive until the afternoon was already there, so we were able to sort that out without any trouble.

I left the office at about 3pm, to give myself plenty of time to get to King’s Cross for the 4pm train, which I caught. This wasn’t too good an idea either, as it was delayed because a passenger was taken ill. Train made an extra stop, paramedics met it, checked him over and took him away. He seemed to be conscious, and I hope he’s OK.

Got to Newcastle, got the bus home, popped out to get some chip-related food, and opened the bottle of Small & Small Sauvignon Blanc that my earlier self had left for me. My later self had quite forgotten what my earlier self had done and was pleasantly surprised to find exactly what was needed in the fridge.

That’s enough about temporal confusion, here’s my old friend Rex:



Camera: X-E1
Aperture: ƒ/3.6
Shutter speed: 1/18s
Focal length: 25.4mm
ISO: 3200
Taken: 14 September, 2013