Daily Archives: Monday, 30th Sep 2013

September 2013 Round-up

Well, that’s September out of the way, which means it’s time for another one of these things.


September 1: 220 pounds (15 stone 10 pounds, 99.8 kg)
September 30: 219.9 pounds (15 stone 9.9 pounds, 99.7 kg)

That’s an insignificant difference, though there was a moderately wide variation throughout the month.


I’ve mostly been moderately good.


I did some epic walking in London, but that was about it.


Another quiet month, with this report bringing the total to 44.


Having had a moderate attack of the lurgy earlier in the month, and a London trip, I haven’t got up to much in the way of photography, or indeed much else. Maybe October will be better…

Weight and Stuff Report – 30 September 2013

Up again today, mutter.

I managed a short walk at lunchtime, but nothing very much.

Here’s a sample photo taken with the iPhone 5S. I turned on the “HDR” function, and it did produce more detail than the unprocessed image. This is straight out of phone, and just resized in Lightroom:



Camera: iPhone 5s
Aperture: ƒ/2.2
Shutter speed: 1/1050s
Focal length: 4.12mm
ISO: 32
Taken: 30 September, 2013
Location: 54° 58.2518′ 0″ N 1° 35.8793′ 0″ W