Terry Pratchett – Making Money (Revisited)

Moving right along with the Great Terry Pratchett Re-read-athon, and it’s a welcome return for Moist van Lipwig, first seen in Going Postal. Once again, I’m going to refer you to my original report from 2007, which reveals about as much of the story as I’d  be likely to do now. It also has footnotes, which I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Terry Pratchett – Making Money (the 2007 post)

But I couldn’t leave you without a quote or two, could I? Well, the first one isn’t so much a quote as a fun reference. I don’t recall spotting this in Going Postal, but I suppose I might have missed it. One of the fun characters in that book was the junior postal worker Stanley, initially a borderline-insane obsessive collector of pins who develops into a borderline-insane collecotr of stamps. So quite naturally he’s promoted to Head of Stamps in a typical Moist gesture. It turns out that Stanley’s last name is Howler. Well you’ve probably heard of howler monkeys, which might lead you to think of gibbons, which are a kind of ape[1], and anyone (in the UK at least) who ever had any kind of run-in with stamp collecting[2] will recall the name Stanley Gibbons

There’s a bit of fun with an Igor in the basement of the Bank:

“Fine. Fine. I’m just popping out, then.”
“You’re the bothth, thur.”
“And I shall be popping back shortly with a man. Er, a gentleman who is not anxious to meet civic authority.”
“Quite, thur. Give them a pitchfork and they think they own the bloody plathe, thur.”
“But he’s not a murderer or anything.”
“I’m an Igor, thur. We don’t athk quethtionth.”
“Really?  Why not?”
“I don’t know thur. I didn’t athk.”

Grone, etc.

There’s lots to enjoy in this one, which is nicely light in tone and full of deliciously bonkers characters. Not to mention golems.

[1] Remember that distinction, you wouldn’t want to upset the Librarian
[2] I did for a while when I was quite young, but gave it up. Philately was getting me nowhere.

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