Terry Pratchett – I Shall Wear Midnight (Revisited)

Time to get back to the Great Terry Pratchett Re-read-athon, which is drawing to a close. This was the first Discworld book I read on a Kindle, and having read the previous 37 books in paper form, it was nice to get back to the smaller, lighter, not losing your page if you fall asleep version for this one.

I posted at some length about this book a couple of years ago, and once again, I don’t think I could improve significantly on what I wrote then[1], so I’ll refer you to that post in a moment. But I will follow up with some quotes…

I Shall Wear Midnight – the 2010 post

Here’s Tiffany finding the Feegles are around when she doesn’t strictly want them to be:

Tiffany looked down, and there was Rob Anybody, along with half a dozen others known variously as the Nac Mac Feegle, the Wee Free Men and, sometimes, the Defendants, the Culprits, people wanted by the police to help with their enquiries and sometimes as “that one, second on the left, I swear it was him.”

Tiffany appears to be channelling Michael Caine[2] at one point

“I told you to find him; I didn’t tell you you were supposed to pull the doors off”

And Tiffany struggles not to give the entirely correct response to an overbearing member of the aristocracy:

This needed some delicate wording. It did not get it, because the old bat gave a nasty little snigger and said “Well, child? Aren’t you going to try to turn me into some kind of unspeakable creature?”
Tiffany tried. She really tried. But there are times when things are just too much. She took a deep breath.
“I don’t think I shall bother, madam, seeing as you are making such a good job of it yourself!”

Quite. as I mentioned previously, this is an excellent book and nobody should be fooled by the “for younger readers” label.

[1] Apart from fixing one error that I missed at the time
[2] You were only supposed to…[3]
[3] No? Oh dear, what kind of readers are we getting these days?[4]
[4] See here

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