Charles Stross – Equoid

While we’re waiting for the next full-length novel in the excellent Charlie Stross’s excellent Laundry series to appear next year, the kind author has kindly[1] let us have what publishers like to call a novella. In other words, a longish short story released as an ebook. The action fits in between The Jennifer Morgue and The Fuller Memorandum, and once again features Bob Howard being sent into action. The fun and games this time involve Something Nasty in the Stables, H P Lovecraft’s letters, and the usual mix of Deadly Peril from extra-dimensional wossnames and bonkers humour.

It’s available for not very much at all, and is highly recommended. It’s available for not very much at all, so what are you waiting for?

[1] There’s a lot of repetition in this post. I’m not at all sure why…