Terry Pratchett – Snuff (Revisited)

And so we reach the end of the Great Terry Pratchett Re-read-athon. When I started this just over six months ago, my Cunning Plan was to have re-read all the Discworld books by the time the new one appeared in the autumn. And despite a few breaks to read other things, weeks when I didn’t seem to find any reading time to speak of, not to mention the occasional shortage of the necessary tuits to write about the books, I’ve made it.

But it can’t end there, can it? There are a pile of other Terry Pratchett books I’ll need to re-read and add to the ever-growing main post. And there will be a new book very soon. But all that can wait for now, as it’s time to talk about the 39th Discworld novel.

And, err, well, I think I covered it quite nicely when I muttered about it two years ago, so once again I’ll refer you to my older review:

Terry Pratchett – Snuff (2011 review)

Coming soon – a shiny new Discworld book!

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