Daily Archives: Thursday, 7th Nov 2013

Weight and Stuff Report – 7 November 2013

Down an insignificant amount since I went to Bristol last week.

I did some shopping this morning (bread, croissants, that kind of thing) and went into Newcastle to have a look in a few shops and get some coffee. I managed to do quite a bit of walking in the process.

This is another of Cardiff’s distinctive arcades. My memory of Wyndham Arcade when I was young was that it was run down and tatty, but these days it’s looking very nice indeed.

Wyndham Arcade

Wyndham Arcade

Camera: X100S
Aperture: ƒ/8
Shutter speed: 1/45s
Focal length: 23mm
ISO: 800
Taken: 5 November, 2013