Mavericks Mail Un-Mutter

Following my recent muttering about the Gmail borkage in OS X’s Mail application, I gave Airmail a good trial. And it wasn’t too bad at all – it worked with the accounts I needed it to, understood the Cmd+Shift+D shortcut for sending a message[1] and was generally well-behaved.

But there were a few little niggles. The list of folders on the left was displayed in a very small font, and the numbers showing unread message counts were displayed with remarkably little contrast, making them hard to see. The other niggle was that when I deleted a message in a folder, the selection moved down rather than up – and there didn’t seem to be an option to change this. Minor things, but enough to make me want Mail back.

So I was very pleased to find that while I wasn’t looking, Apple released an update for Mail that fixes the broken Gmail behaviour. Deleted messages stay deleted, moved messages no longer reappear in the Inbox, and all appears to be well. Not only that, but the automatic update feature did what it was supposed to do.

Yay, etc. :tigger:

[1] If there’s one thing that puts me off software, it’s not understanding the keystrokes that are embedded in my memory

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