Night Train to Jamalpur – Andrew Martin

Oh good, Jim Stringer’s back! Last seen working for military intelligence in The Baghdad Railway Club, Jim’s now returned to normal police duties at York. Well, he had returned, but as we join the story he’s been seconded to special duties in India – investigating corruption on the railway there.

But it wouldn’t be a Jim Stringer book if things went the way Jim was expecting, and sure enough he finds himself in close proximity to murder. A man Jim had been speaking to earlier is shot dead in a first class compartment, and that’s not all. Other people are dying on the trains, thanks to a cunning plot involving what I’m going to have to refer to as:

Snakes on a Train

Sorry, had to be done. As ever, there’s misdirection, confusion (most of it on Jim’s part) and an array of weird and wonderful characters. Can Jim solve the mystery without being murdered or indeed framed for murder? You’ll have to read it to find out.

Like the rest of the series, it’s a good fun read, filled with period detail.

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