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Weight and Stuff Report – 21 December 2013

Down again today, how shocking!

I did the usual shopping this morning, Well, a smaller bit of shopping than normal, as I didn’t need a lot, for reasons that will become clear soon. Having done the Frankie & Benny’s breakfast yesterday, I decided not to repeat the experience today, which got me home somewhat earlier.

After that, as the sun was shining and the wind had dropped[1], I took myself and the X-E2 out for a walk. I started at the Shipley Art Gallery, where I enjoyed the show of dresses (yes, really!) and prints made by Ruth Fettis, Tales from a Forgotten City. I’d recommend seeing it, but it seems today was its last day, so I won’t.

From there, I walked into Gateshead, then over the High Level Bridge, down the Side and along the Quayside[2], over the Millennium Bridge and into the Baltic. And would you believe it, there was some work there that I liked, too!

All in One is an exhibition of the work of Thomas Bayrle, a German artist whose work often involves creating images from numerous repeated objects, in a quite fascinating, and frequently delightful way. Seeing the real image emerge as I stepped back from the mass of (for example) cups was fascinating. Some visitors might be less keen on the figures made up of a collage of a repeated pornographic image, but never mind…

And Finnish artist Salla Tykkä’s three videos were of varied interest to me. The Romanian gymnasts one was oddly fascinating, seeing the degree of bodily control the trainees have. Some quite incredible movements can be seen. I was less keen on the one about the Lipzzaner horses. It was good to see them running free, but the training sections of the piece, where a horse is persuaded to get into some very strange positions just seemed odd to me. But that might be just me. My favourite of the three was Victoria, which was a timelapse of the opening of a lily. Sounds dull? Naah. The detail in the photography made it quite stunning. Worth a look.

After the Baltic, with the light beginning to fade, I walked past the Sage, over the Swing Bridge and back to the city centre, where it was time for a bus home.

I’ll be releasing more of today’s photos over the next few days, but here’s one to be getting on with. The outside viewing deck of the Baltic offers great views of the river and the skyline, but the tall glass screen makes it a bit tricky to get good photographs that aren’t spoiled by reflections. I’ve tried to get a good shot of this before, but never quite managed it. But as the Fiji is a lot smaller and lighter than my old Canon, it wasn’t a problem to hold it over the screen, and get a reasonably good angle.



Camera: X-E2
Aperture: ƒ/10
Shutter speed: 1/60s
Focal length: 18mm
ISO: 500
Taken: 21 December, 2013

[1] It has been a wee bit gusty lately…
[2] Should have used the GPS wossname