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Weight and Stuff Report – 23 December 2013

Well, well. Down a wee bit today, but that’s the last weight report you’ll get for a while…

I started the day with a wee bit of shopping and, yeah, well, breakfast at Frankie & Benny’s. It seemed like a good idea to have something to eat before a long train journey. It seemed like an even better idea some hours later…

I got to the station in time for my train, despite having to wait a bit longer than expected for a bus. I even got my reserved seat. And the train even left Newcastle on time. But things started to go a bit wrong after that. By the time we left Birmingham, the train was running over half an hour late, due to weather-related disruption and plagues of dragons, or something. It was a close-run thing – I was concerned that I might miss my connection at Cheltenham. As it happened, the train got to Cheltenham just before my next train was due, but I needn’t have been concerned as the train was cancelled due to a bit of flooding. So I got the next train to Gloucester (as suggested by platform staff), where I found there would be a while before the next train. Everything was delayed, including the train heading to Weymouth, which took me to one of my least favourite places, Bristol Parkway. Parkway was packed. Trains coming from London and heading towards South Wales were all delayed by 90 minutes or so following a tree falling on the line somewhere. But after a not too excessive wait, I managed to get on a train to Cardiff (Plan A had been to get the Swansea train and get off at Bridgend where my brother could pick me up, but I was advised that getting on the Cardiff train might be a better idea). This was pretty full, but I found a seat. Then there was another delay at Newport (an unspecified crew-related issue, apparently), but eventually I got to Cardiff, where I had to negotiate the odd temporary arrangement to get out of the rear entrance, where my brother met me. And so here I am in Pencoed.  :tigger:

Today’s photo is another one from the weekend, It’s a different take on the Fisheye Sage, this time with the interior lights showing.

Fishy Sage Revisited

Fishy Sage Revisited

Camera: X-E2
Aperture: ƒ/1
Shutter speed: 1/60s
Focal length: 8mm
ISO: 3200
Taken: 21 December, 2013