Bah! Humbug!

Just getting into the proper spirit for the time of year. So much so that I even Santarised (or is that Santafied?) my usual avatar. A bit of autowossnaming by the Google thingy added snow to it without so much as a “with your leave” or a “by your leave”[1].



So there it is. Happy wossanme and a merry thingy. Or possibly the other way around.


[1] And definitely not a “poop poop”[2]
[2] That’s probably enough Toad[3] of Toad Hall references for one post
[3] That’s the indigenous Toad[4]
[4] I’m not indigenous![5]
[5] Well if you’re not, you very soon will be![6]
[6] OK, that’s really enough Toad of Toad Hall

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