2013 Round-up

Well, 2013 seems to be slinking off into the distance, which means I’ll have to do the usual end of year summary thingy. Just think, if you’d waited until today, you could have avoided reading the previous 606 posts!


Let’s look at the numbers first, shall we:

January 1: 221 pounds (15 stone 11 pounds, 100.2 kg)
December 31: 219.9 pounds (15 stone 9.9 pounds, 99.7 kg)

That’s a statistically insignificant drop of 1.1 pounds (0.5kg), which is as near to no change as makes no difference. I did manage a significantly lower weight during the summer, but once again lost the plot a bit after that. Can I do better in 2014?


It was another year of relatively low posting levels, with a total of just 607, well under two per day. I really need to post more nonsense next year.

2003: 2 posts
2004: 515 posts
2005: 576 posts
2006: 620 posts
2007: 747 posts
2008: 833 posts
2009: 718 posts
2010: 717 posts
2011: 770 posts
2012: 665 posts
2013: 607 posts


In this year, I defected from Canon to Fujifilm, abandoned Smugmug, took some photos and err, that’s about it, really.

And finally…

Happy New Year to anyone and everyone who reads this stuff.

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