December 2013 Round-up

Another month has come to an end, taking a year with it, which means it must be time for the traditional summary post that saves you from reading the rest of this stuff[1].


I was away again at the beginning of the month, so all I have is:

December 1: 221.7 pounds (15 stone 11.7 pounds, 100.6 kg)
December 31 : 219.9 pounds (15 stone 9.9 pounds, 99.7 kg)

That’s a moderate drop of 1.8 pounds (0.8kg), which is probably more of that randomness.


I’ve done a fair amount of that, but it is the time of year for that kind of thing.


I’ve still managed to avoid walking to or from work, but I have had a few moderately long walks.


Including this post, and the usual end of year thingy, it seems December’s total will be 53, which is lower than recent months.


Nothing dramatic to report this month. So, no change there, then!

[1] Alternatively, you could ignore this post and just skip to the end of year summary which will follow it