Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 5 Blu-ray

There’s a lot to enjoy in the fifth season of ST:TNG, and it’s even more enjoyable in this lovely high-defintion version. Notable episodes include Darmok, in which Picard has to find a way to communicate with a species who talk in metaphors relating to stories and myths. Over twenty years on, I can still suspend my disbelief[1] enough to appreciate that one.

Then there’s the two-part Unification, in which Spock appears and a devious Romulan plot is foiled. Good fun, that.

Wesley makes a reappearance in The First Duty, which involves an attempted cover-up of the cause of a fatal accident.

But the highlight for most fans has to be The Inner Light, which sees Picard live out a whole other life courtesy of an ancient alien probe. This involved Patrick Stewart having a bigger make up job than Michael Dorn had to go through for his role as Worf, which is saying something.

Special features include the featurettes from the DVD releases plus some new bits:

In conversation: The music of Star Trek: The Next Generation is a extended (possibly a bit too extended) chat with the main composers involved in the show. Sort of interesting, but in the “watch once” category.

REQUIEM: A remembrance of Star Trek: The Next Generation is  an actually rather good two-part documentary with lots of the usual suspects talking about the series. Worth watching.

[1] Look: in order to be able to refer to stories, they have to be able to tell them, so their language has to consist of more than metaphors. Even if it’s just asking of somebody wants a cup of tea…