WordPress 3.8.1 is out, but…

No, I’m not telling you to avoid it like a thing that should be avoided.

It’s just that if your server normally lets you update from the console, without having to enter FTP credentials, or other incantations, then you shouldn’t need to do anything at all. The new background updates feature introduced with WordPress 3.8 is in full operation, and all point releases should be automagically updated for you.

As this is the first “live” point update[1], it’s being rolled out relatively slowly rather than in one mad rush, so your sites may not update immediately. This site was updated in the last couple of minutes, and I didn’t feel a thing. Tiggercam has also been done, though Tigger didn’t bother to let me know…

WordPress 3.8.1 is a maintenance, bug-squashing release, which you can read about in the usual place:

WordPress 3.8.1 Maintenance Release

Or you can just relax and let the software look after itself.

[1] There’s always one quite soon after release

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