Weight and Stuff Report – 5 February 2014

Weight: 222.8 pounds (15 stone 12.8 pounds, 101.1 kg)
Steps taken: 6,882

Up a bit today, ho hum…

I did a bit more walking today. First I walked to the dentist[1], then from there into Gateshead where I got the Metro as I really needed to be in work. I had a variety of things to do at lunchtime – renew bus pass[2] and buy essential supplies[3]. So naturally, it rained quite heavily on me. Mutter.

Anyway, today’s photo is part of the Opening Line artwork at Gateshead bus/Metro interchange.



Camera X100S
Aperture ƒ/8
Shutter speed 1/210s
Focal length 23mm
ISO 200
Taken 12:29, 1 February, 2014

[1] No work required, yay
[2] Contrary to malicious rumor, I don’t yet qualify for a free one
[3] Coffee, obviously

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