David Wingrove – The Broken Wheel (Chung Kuo 7)

I actually read this late last year, and created a draft post to type up later, but somehow didn’t get round to it[1]. But having been reminded that the eighth book in the series is ready to drop on to my Kindle, I thought I’d better catch up.

The long story continues to develop. The increasingly unlikely Howard DeVore is stirring the pot quite nicely, using revolutionary groups to carry out terrorist attacks of a singularly brutal nature, betraying anyone and everyone when it suits his purposes and generally seeming not quite human…

The young genius Kim Ward is targeted by assassins, who want to destroy his work as well as kill him.

And a bunch of rich young Americans are working for change. Change at any price, which can only lead to more trouble.

The only problem with this series is that it’s going to be impossible to really judge it until it’s complete, which may be quite some time – rumour has it that the books aren’t selling too well, and that the current publisher may not continue past book eight, which would leave the remaining twelve volumes hanging….

I’ll be happily continuing to buy and read them as they appear. They do have that “what’s going to happen next?” thing going quite nicely.

[1] A common problem

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