Doctor Who – The Enemy of the World

Moving right along with the Doctor Who DVDs, this is one of the two stories that were released in a flurry of publicity last year. Recovered last year after being lost for decades, this six-part story was first shown in December 1967 to January 1968, and starts Patrick Troughton as the Doctor, Frazer Hines as Jamie and Deborah Watling as Victoria.

The TARDIS crew arrive on a near-future Earth, where there is a wee bit of bother with a would-be dictator called Salamander. He’s got one of those Terrible Plans that even the Master would probably file under “too damn silly to try”, which involves hiding people in caverns and telling them that the world has been ravaged by a terrible war, setting off earthquakes, and generally being quite nasty to everyone. The real fun comes from the curious fact that Salamander looks exactly like the Doctor[1], which leads to the usual kind of thing you get when your leading actor is playing two parts, one of them with an outrageous accent.

Like a lot of six-part stories of the time, the pace is often slow by modern standards, and it does go on a bit, but it’s worth watching at least once.

Special features? None whatsoever. This is apparently due to the rapid release of the story, leaving no time for creating anything special for it. I suspect there will be a special edition with some features at some point…

[1] A random digression into how it was handy it was this Doctor who ran into him rather than some other one might be amusing, but I’ll leave that to others.

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