Jago – Kim Newman

Having done a great job in reissuing Kim Newman’s Anno Dracula series, his publishers have turned to the rest of his long out of print fiction.

I borrowed Jago from the local library when it was a shiny new thing back in the twentieth century. I borrowed it again not that long afterwards, and I’d been wanting to read it again (if only to see if it really was as powerful as I recalled) for a long time.

Well, my chance finally came, and here it is. The book is somewhere on the verges of horror, fantasy and probably a few other things besides. It’s based around the notion that reality might not be as real as we think, particularly when someone with extreme psychic powers and minimal sanity gets really out of control.

There’s a music festival which goes a wee bit wrong, much death, destruction, weirdness and a few laughs for those who like their humour on the dark side.

Good fun, highly recommended.

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