The Quorum – Kim Newman

This is the final post in that little pile of drafts that have been nagging me since, err, last year. It’s another Kim Newman reissue, which comes with some added short stories which relate to it directly or indirectly (same characters, not quite the same world, that kind of thing).

This one is based around the traditional Deal With the Devil idea, the main difference being that the Devil in question, apart from the little detail of having oozed out of the Thames rather than flying in from, well, let’s say somewhere like, oh, I don’t know, Australia, bears a certain resemblance to  a newspaper proprietor who moved his business from the centre of London to somewhere a bit further out. But not Wapping.

A group of student friends are offered a deal. They get all the riches and fame, and their absent friend gets, well, gets it. In all the worst possible ways. And over a period of several decades, their fame and wealth grow. Until it all starts to go wrong, and the Real Plan is revealed.

Huge fun, does include some quite nasty violence and the like, but written in Kim Newman’s delightful style, so it all works very well.

I think there are still some more Kim Newman books to come (he did a series of short stories based around the Diogenes Club which didn’t get much of a release in the UK, as far as I recall), and I’m looking forward to them all.