David Wingrove – The White Mountain (Chung Kuo 8)

Moving on with the epic Ching Kuo series, where things are getting more complicated and more interesting.

There’s a new terrorist group working in City Europe. Unlike the previous ones who were used and manipulated by the Prime Villain DeVore, this group is much more selective in its targets. Aiming for the corrupt, the vicious and the generally nasty, they look like generating public sympathy and support. They even win the sympathy of Karr and Chen, security men sworn to serve their T’ang Li Yuan.

Chen, working undercover, learns more than he wants to know about the “Wiring Project”, a plan to implant Chung Kuo’s massive population with devices that can influence their behaviour, control and even kill them…

And dissent between the ruling Seven is growing towards open disagreement. Can war be far away?

And DeVore, having sacrificed his copy on Earth, continues to plot and manipulate from his base on Mars.

The story is definitely gaining pace now, and I’m looking forward to the next volume – though as I mentioned recently, there may be a problem with that. In a post on a fan site, the author promises that the remaining books will appear, though as yet, he doesn’t know who’ll be publishing them. I’d be up for some kind of Kickstarter/Pledge Music/Unbound kind of deal – payment up front to get the books, and I suspect others would too.

On the other side, David Wingrove has another series of books in the pipeline, so there’s something else to look forward to.