Weight and Stuff Report – 12 April 2014

An unusually big drop today, which will probably be followed by a rise tomorrow, but for the moment that’s the lowest weight of the year so far, yay, etc.

I had a later start today – I was doing some research into some equipment and it took a while to drag myself away from the computer and out to do the shopping. I was so late that I skipped the traditional Frankie & Benny’s breakfast, but I’ll be making up for that at some point…

After the shopping, I decided to make the best of a grey day by doing a bit of monochrome photography at the coast. I got to Tynemouth, had a wander around the market in the Metro station, then walked to the coast in a light drizzle. But the drizzle started to turn into proper rain which was heavy enough to put me off, so I got a bus back to Newcastle. And by the time I got there, the rain had gone and the sky was clearing, mutter.

Anyway, I got a few moderately nice shots using the in-camera black and white setting on the X100S[1]. Here’s a lovely view of a spring day at the seaside:



Camera X100S
Aperture ƒ/16
Shutter speed 1/125s
Focal length 23mm
ISO 800
Taken 14:22, 12 April, 2014

[1] Shooting in RAW+JPEG for flexibility, of course.