Doctor Who – The Day of the Doctor Blu-ray

It’s taken me a while to get around to this one, hasn’t it? Well, I had to wait till I’d found the time to witter[1] about the seventh series set, and that meant finding the time to watch it all. Anyway, I’ve now caught up a bit, so I can do my nicely belated report.

First, the actual episode, which was, for me, deeply satisfying. It covered the expected ground of celebrating the show’s past, with David Tennant picking up where he left off and quite thoroughly being the Doctor all over again. The interplay between Matt and David was at least as much fun as I could have hoped for, the silliness with Queen Elizabeth I was delightful (and finally explains why she was a bit upset in The Shakespeare Code), the Zygons made their long-awaited return, and much fun was evidently had by all, not least Tom Baker in his first on-screen return to Doctor Who.

But the main event was, of course, the wonderful John Hurt as “the War Doctor”. In a manner reminiscent of the First Doctor being a bit disappointed with his successors in The Three Doctors, he was suitably unimpressed with his first meeting with “Ten” and “Eleven”, to the amusement and delight of all.

And the other main event was clearing up that little matter of the Time War that’s been in the background since Doctor Who returned in 2005. Odd references made up over the years (like a mention of “The Moment” in The End of Time are revealed to be Quite Relevant[2]), and a potential new direction for the Doctor has been set up.

It was still great on a second viewing, and I still need to see that 3D version. And see it on a bigger screen.[3]

Extra features include a pile of previosuly online material, such as episode prequels, the excellent Pond Life, and the surprising return of Paul McGann in The Night of the Doctor, which gets a special prize for the line

I’m a doctor, but not the one you were expecting

There’s a fairly short Doctor Who Confidential-style behind the scenes, and another of those documentaries made for BBC America, Doctor Who Explained, which has quite a few of the usual suspects and some people who are probably well-known in the US. Worth a watch, anyway.

So this is a nice package, and it’s now available for not much money at all.

[1] And that was the metaphorical straw that broke the figurative camel’s virtual back. Safari’s helpful autocorrect has been an irriatation for a while, but as it steadfastly refused to let me type “witter”, assuming that I meant “sitter”, I’ve now turned the damn thing off. Any typos you see now are therefore my own work rather than the imaginative creations of software. Unless I’m an imaginative creation of software, that is.
[2] Or nicely squeezed in, depending on how you look at it
[3] When I eventually upgrade my TV