WordPress 3.9 is out now

This is a more significant upgrade than some, so watch out for plugins not playing nicely, old themes suffering borkage and random oddness that didn’t come up in the beta testing period. Backups are, as always, recommended.

The biggest visible change is an upgrade to the TinyMCE editor, which now allows images to be dropped directly into posts without having to go call up the “Add media” dialog first. Let’s see how it works:

Carlisle Cathedral

Carlisle Cathedral

Camera: X-E2
Aperture: ƒ/4
Shutter speed: 1/600s
Focal length: 24.3mm
ISO: 800
Taken: 29 March, 2014

Well, that didn’t break. What happens is that dropping the image onto the post brings up the add media box (or “modal” as I think they like to call it), so it jsut saves a click, but that’s fine for my purposes.

Clicking the edit button on an inserted image (now a big pencil icon, nice) brings up a new fancier editing box, which looks promising.

I seem to have some invisible buttons on the editor toolbar, but that probably means I need to refresh the Ultimate TinyMCE plugin.

There will be an update for Ultimate TinyMCE soon…

Any other oddities will be reported here…