Weight and Stuff Report – 21 April 2014

Hmmm, up again today. It’s been another quiet day in – I did contemplate going somewhere, but couldn’t really decide on any particular destination, so I didn’t bother. All this staying in might have something to do with these upward weight fluctuations, unless they’re just random weirdness. Or the scale playing silly buggers, of course.

Today’s photo is a monochrome take on a common subject:

Emerson Chambers

Emerson Chambers

Camera X-E2
Aperture ƒ/8
Shutter speed 1/100s
Focal length 55mm
ISO 200
Taken 16:14, 19 April, 2014

Anyway, back to work tomorrow[1]

[1] Or today, if allegations that I’m posting this a bit late are found to be accurate