Daily Archives: Saturday, 10th May 2014

Weight and Stuff Report – 10 May 2014

Weight: 217.4 pounds (15 stone 7.4 pounds, 98.6 kg)
Steps taken: 2,073

And down again today, good stuff.

After the usual breakfast and shopping, I decided not to go anywhere today, as it’s been one of those “scattered showers” days, and I couldn’t be bothered going out and getting wet, so there.

Here’s a less shiny thing in Middlesbrough

Lost head

Lost head

Camera X-E2
Aperture ƒ/4.5
Shutter speed 1/850s
Focal length 55mm
ISO 200
Taken 14:47, 3 May, 2014

My limited researches lead me to think it’s a remnant of the old Royal Exchange building, which used to be a major landmark in Middlesbrough before being flattened to allow the building of the not particularly attractive A66 flyover…