Daily Archives: Sunday, 1st Jun 2014

Ow!! Fingers!!

What with all the recent travelling around, my guitar has been largely neglected for the last couple of weeks. I did manage a bit of random chord practice on Thursday, but other than that, I hadn’t touched it since just before going to Leeds a couple of weekends ago.

But tonight, I managed to get back to my practice routine, which was, err, interesting. I struggled a bit with chord changes that I’d been doing quite well with, and my fingertips had definitely got a bit soft, so holding down some chords hurt a bit. Mutter.

On a happier note, while I was not playing, Blackstar updated their slightly broken software to v1.5, which entirely fixed the problem I had with it not noticing the amp when it was connected, and also removed the annoying Silverlight crash on exit. There’s also a firmware update for the ID:Code amps, which you’ll get if you install the new software. I’ve updated my first post about the ID:Core 10 accordingly.

Details and download links from Blackstar

Weight and Stuff Report – 1 June 2014

Down again today, but that’s probably due to some advanced walkage…

I wanted to do something today, but couldn’t really decide on any particular destination, so I went into Newcastle, wandered down towards the Tyne, stopping off at the Side Gallery, then into the Guildhall to see an exhibition called Newcastle City Futures, which includes models and plans of various bits of redevelopment of Newcastle and Gateshead, including some ambitious ideas that were never built. Interesting stuff.

From there, I wandered along the Quayside, having a look at the Sunday market, which seems to have come back to life these days, then over the Millennium Bridge for a look around the Baltic. My Cunning Plan was to get the bus from there, but as the road was closed following an event, I had to go back over the bridge and get one from there instead. I had a quick look in a few shops and then came home.

Today’s picture is of some dynamic action on the Tyne. Well, a Police boat, anyway.



Camera: iPhone 5s
Aperture: ƒ/2.2
Shutter speed: 1/1700s
Focal length: 4.12mm
ISO: 32
Taken: 1 June, 2014
Location: 54° 58.1683′ 0″ N 1° 35.9508′ 0″ W