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Weight and Stuff Report – 8 June 2014

Just a minor weight variation today, too small to be of any particular interest.

Today’s step count is a bit vague because of one slight problem. Before going out this morning, I very carefully reattached the Fitbit wristband to my wrist[1], as I’d removed it for charging yesterday. What I was less careful about was removing the actual Fitbit from the charging connection thingy and inserting it into the wristband before attaching the wristband to my wrist. This caused me some confusion when I checked on the Fitbit site for today’s exciting results…  :duh:

Having stayed in for most of yesterday, I decided that going out today had to be done. The forecast suggested more rain might be on the way, so it was a shopping day rather than a photography day.

I started in Newcastle, where I got a power thingy, more on which when I’ve actually tested it. After a bit of a wander, I headed for the MetroCentre, where I may have accidentally bought a photographic thingy, more on which when I’ve done some more playing. I looked at some other thingies, but didn’t see anything that I wanted, other than lunch, which was a sausage and caramelised onion toastie and an espresso at Costa.

I then came back to Gateshead, and popped into Tesco for something I forgot to buy yesterday, and some supplies for something I’ll be talking about when it arrives.

This may be a record: three vague references to things in one post!  :tigger:

And talking of which, here’s a bit of camera fun:

The wonderful thing about Tiggers...

The wonderful thing about Tiggers…

Camera: X-T1
Aperture: ƒ/4
Shutter speed: 1/30s
Focal length: 14mm
ISO: 500
Taken: 8 June, 2014

Note: the only editing was cropping and letting Lightroom resize and add the watermark thingy.

[1] Seemed the most sensible place, all things considered