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What? Frankie & Benny’s changed the menu??

I might have mentioned that I’m quite partial to the occasional[1] breakfast at my local Frankie & Benny’s, so I was moderately alarmed when I saw the first line of their new menu which was introduced this week which said

Our breakfasts start from just £3.95

What? No more fixed price breakfasts??  :dizzy:

But no, it seems it’s not as bad as that. They’ve introduced some smaller breakfasts at £3.95, and the usual range, with a few changes, is still £5. Though it seems they’ve replaced black pudding[2] on the big breakfast with crispy herb potatoes. They’ve also introduced some “luxury” breakfasts at £6.95. Not sure how I feel about breakfast pizza, but the Works Scrambler[3] might tempt me.

Oh, and they’ve increased the price of the unlimited tea or coffee by a whole 20p, the fiends!

[1] Once a week is occasional, right?
[2] Hi Twisty :wave:
[3] “Three eggs, beaten and scrambled with slices of sausage, streaky bacon, roasted red peppers and mushrooms. Served with toasted bread and butter on the side.”

RSS Arrrrrgh

Some unicorns, err, regular readers may recall me muttering in the past about RSS Readers, most recently about the fun and games caused by Google taking their toys home and breaking synchronisation for numerous apps. I’ve settled down to using ReadKit as my app, and to paying Feedly[1] a small monthly fee for synchronisation. And it’s all been working nicely, with the occasional server glitch, but nothing you’d get particularly annoyed about.

But this evening, I got in to find that Readkit didn’t have a lot of content, and had a little exclamation mark indicating a problem. It seemed to have a bit of an issue talking to Feedly, which is where Readkit can bit a bit annoying. When you mark an article as read, it tries to sync that with Feedly[2], which is a Good Thing. What’s not a Good Thing is that it’s not bright enough to realise that the service isn’t talking, and keeps trying. Well, that’s not so bad. In fact it means that it’ll catch up as soon as the service comes back. What’s annoying is that it keeps popping up messages telling you it can’t mark the item as read.

Anyway, the reason things are borked is because, along with Evernote, Feedly has been hit by a DDoS attack – and not the usual kind that tries to disrupt services for the fun of it. Nope, this one came with added blackmail – pay up or we break your servers. Evernote and Feedly did the sensible thing and declined to pay[3], and are working on restoration of service. Evernote is apparently back up, so Feedly shouldn’t be too far behind.

Details from Feedly’s blog

 Update: And indeed, Feedly was back to normal by the following morning
Updated update: And then went down under a second attack. Mutter.
Even more updated update: And it’s back again, yay!
Friday 13 June Update: DDoS Part III, the annoyance. Yes, it’s down again. Apparently service has been restored in the US, and they’re working on the rest of the world.

[1] Not linking at the moment for reasons which will become clear
[2] Or indeed whatever other service you might choose
[3] On the assumption that if you pay once, you’ll find yourself paying again[4]
[4] And again[5]
[5] And again[4]

Guess the name

I spotted this nice bit of typography a while ago, but it was only today I got round to pointing a camera at it. It’s part of a pub sign which nicely shows the name, which is sufficiently traditional for the words to be unnecessary. Though they are there…

Guess the name

Guess the name

Camera: X-T1
Aperture: ƒ/4.8
Shutter speed: 1/160s
Focal length: 200mm
ISO: 200
Taken: 11 June, 2014

Weight and Stuff Report – 11 June 2014

Up again today, as the wild oscillations continue…

I managed a bit of a walk at lunchtime with my camera[1], which included this bit of St Nicholas’s Cathedral:



Camera: X-T1
Aperture: ƒ/5.6
Shutter speed: 1/4000s
Focal length: 200mm
ISO: 200
Taken: 11 June, 2014

[1] Precise identity of camera kept as a secret, except from people who look at the metadata block underneath images…