What? Frankie & Benny’s changed the menu??

I might have mentioned that I’m quite partial to the occasional[1] breakfast at my local Frankie & Benny’s, so I was moderately alarmed when I saw the first line of their new menu which was introduced this week which said

Our breakfasts start from just £3.95

What? No more fixed price breakfasts??  :dizzy:

But no, it seems it’s not as bad as that. They’ve introduced some smaller breakfasts at £3.95, and the usual range, with a few changes, is still £5. Though it seems they’ve replaced black pudding[2] on the big breakfast with crispy herb potatoes. They’ve also introduced some “luxury” breakfasts at £6.95. Not sure how I feel about breakfast pizza, but the Works Scrambler[3] might tempt me.

Oh, and they’ve increased the price of the unlimited tea or coffee by a whole 20p, the fiends!

[1] Once a week is occasional, right?
[2] Hi Twisty :wave:
[3] “Three eggs, beaten and scrambled with slices of sausage, streaky bacon, roasted red peppers and mushrooms. Served with toasted bread and butter on the side.”

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