June 2014 Round-up

Wait, what? Half way through the year already? Does that mean it’s once again time for the ever-popular[1] monthly report? I’m afraid it does, so here goes…


More random fluctuation this month…

June 1: 215.6 pounds (15 stone 5.6 pounds, 97.8 kg)
June 20: 215.9 pounds (15 stone 5.9 pounds, 97.9 kg)[2]

That’s a statistically insignificant rise of 0.3 pounds (0.1kg).


Oddly enough, despite being on holiday, I’ve been moderately well-behaved on the eating front this month. I’ve even been drinking less wine! What effect this will have on my weight is something that we’ll discover when I get home.


Before heading for Wales, I managed a few moderate walks, and I’ve walked a fair distance over the last few days. Much of it uphill. In both directions. And castles have lots of stairs, you know. So did the hotel, come to think of it…


This exciting report brings the monthly total to 49, the highest so far this year.


Ooooh, let’s see. I sold two cameras and bought another one, and added a lens to my kit. That’s about it, I think…

[1] For an arbitrary “not very” value of popular
[2] Last weight recorded before being struck by the lurgy and going on holiday